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Rich Future or Resource Curse? SEA for Oil

His Excellency, The President launched the Scoping Report for the SEA of Potential Oil and Gas Development in Sierra Leone on 13th March 2012.

In his address, H.E. President Koroma noted that when any major new mineral resource is discovered and exploited this can have major macro-economic benefits but it can also give rise to development pressures which have both beneficial and adverse social consequences at regional and local level.

In addition, unless development is handled with great care serious adverse environmental impacts can be caused for marine life, fisheries and coastal tourism development.

A Steering group has been set up including a wide range of Government Ministries and Agencies. They include:

  • Petroleum Directorate
  • Environment Protection Agency
  • Ministry of Energy and Water Resources
  • Sierra Leone Ports Authority
  • Disaster Management Department ONS
  • Office of the Chief of Staff
  • Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs
  • RSLAF Maritime Wing
  • Environmental Foundation for Action (ENFORAC) Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Reserves Ministry of Health and Sanitation
  • Council of Paramount Chiefs
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) Abijan Convention

Planning Green Futures managed the SEA Process and the final SEA Report can be accessed on the EPA website.