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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Fibre-optic Broadband Network for Freetown and the Western Peninsula

Sierratel has commissioned Huawei Technologies Co Ltd to install 72 kilometres of aerial fibre optic cable through the centre of Freetown and rural districts including a section through the Western Peninsula National Park.

Planning Green Futures Ltd is responsible for undertaking a landuse and visual survey of the full cable network and identifying zones where special care will be needed to protected historic buildings and the Western Peninsula National Park. The survey forms part of a larger ESIA study which is also being carried out by PGF Ltd. In the process over 500 individuals have been interviewed along the various cable routeways. Over 95% of respondents support the project and are excited about the prospects of of gaining more reliable and higher quality transmissions. The small number with reservations are concerned about possible short term disruption to their own business activities.