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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Mile 5 Waste Recycling and Disposal Site for Bo City Council

Bo City Council, Welthungerhilfe and One World Link are implementing an ambitious plan to clean up the city by recovering and recycling solid waste. The programme is funded by UK Aid (DFID).

A key component of the plan is the development of a recycling and composting facility and controlled land fill on a 10 acre site which is five miles from the City Centre in open countryside.

Waste management and disposal carries a number of environmental and social challenges and PGF Ltd has been appointed to coordinate the preparation of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in order to secure an Environmental Licence from the Environment Protection Agency.

The project is breaking new ground in Sierra Leone in terms of methods of recycling and waste disposal. PGF Ltd is creating a long term monitoring framework for the project, including groundwater and surface water sampling.

An extensive consultation programme has been undertaken with three local communities located within 2 kilometres , although there is no habitation in the immediate vicinity of the site.